Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Has it really been that long???

I came across an old blog post and saw the date. I could not believe how long its been since I posted. WOW have things changed for our crew. First off we sold the house, and built a new one. WHAT A PROCESS that was. We lived at my parents house for nearly 6 months instead of the 3 we had originally asked them to stay for. We did not get evicted but I heard we were pretty close as the 6th month was closing in on us. We love our new house. So much has changed the boys are practically all grown up. Dylan is 16, Mason 10, and Spunky Little Will is now 7 and as full of it as ever before. I am hoping to check in more on here but I always say that so do not hold me to it. I want to be able to look back on this someday and see all the adventures, happy times , and sad that we faced. I want to print it some day and give it to the kids on their wedding days. I have lots of catching up to do if I am ever going to pull that off.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I have never really been a New Years Resolution kind of girl.......

I have never really been a New Year's Resolution kind of girl. With that being said its not that I do not think the idea behind it is good. I just have done it in the past and it has always ended the same. The first month I am dedicated to whatever it may be and then slowly I lose sight of it. Not because I want to but because it is just the way it happens. Instead I think the best thing to do is reflect on the past year. The happy times, the heartache , the AH HA moments , and the what was I thinking moments. The times that made us laugh so hard we cried, and the times that it hurt so bad we cried. Remember what was really important and remember what we thought may have been at the moment but looking back now it seems trivial. Take each of these moments as a teaching moment and go forward with that under your belt. Try to remember the kind words you said to people that brought a smile to their face. Also remember the unkind things you thought or said to someone that clearly hurt them. We all have done it. We all have been there in the moment and things were said in anger or hurt before we could stop them. So instead of a New Years Resolution take last year as a learning experience and go forward from there. Will you still have bad days .. of course! Will you still find your self saying something unkind? Probably but hopefully you will think about it more this time. Will you experience heartache??? Absolutely its a part of life that is beyond our control. However you will also have happy moments, moments of joy, moments of love and pure bliss. Embrace those........ So for 2015 instead of my promises to lose weight , and eat better (although that would be nice and I shall try) Try instead to take what you learned in 2014 and move forward with it....... Smile more..... stress less.. and Breathe ...

Friday, October 3, 2014


Truly never a dull moment in this house. I welcome boring. Actually I would embrace it with two hands and dance around the house with it. Boring is something that we apparently can not do around here. When things happen THEY HAPPEN. Mason had some belly pain two weeks ago. This led us to a doctors office that sent me home telling me it was a cold. Then another doctors office sending us to the ER. The ER making us wait 90 minutes while he was in pain led us to another ER. Which then got him in. Did testing and confirmed he needed surgery ASAP. Mason's bowel had ruptured a very rare occurrence but apparently Mason was born with a condition that led him to have an extra piece on his bowel. This piece became infected and ruptured. No cause. Only cure. SURGERY. The surgery went well Mason was expected to be in the hospital for about 5 days. Unfortunately he developed some breathing complication and got sent to a bigger hospital and hour away. Finally one week from the day it started we finally were able to come home. Mason has been home for a week now and is resting. He is recovering well and will return to school half days next week. Like I said we do not do BORING around here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How quickly the time passes....

I remember getting up with the boys all night long when they were babies. I remember people telling me to treasure these days because they go by too fast. I remember thinking how slowly the clock was moving at 3am . Now with the boys being 14, 8, and 5 I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I can't believe how fast the nights turned into days and the days into years. I am one week from sending my oldest off to highschool and my youngest off to Kindergarten. I am proof that time really does fly. That kids grow and thjngs change in the ink of an eye. . That before we know it summer becomes fall and all those baby years are officially over. Enjoy them.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Facing reality.

I took a 4 month break from blogging. I sat down and thought about it and decided I did not want my blog to turn into a medical blog about Dylan and lose sense of the fun, happy, true blog I prefer to use.

With that being said. I am not sure I was right about that. I think since this is true life that unfortunately I have hit a time in my life where it will become a little bit of both. WHY? Because this is our world. Muscular Dystrophy is now our reality. We need to not hide from it, ignore it, or run from it. We must stand up strong and fight it head on. We must remain strong, and happy for our children.

We must make the most of every day. We must pray for a cure but be thankful for each day. We must look into the eyes of our children and remember they are a blessing. We must look into the eyes of Dylan and not pity him because in doing so we will be teaching him to pity himself. Ain't nobody got time for that. ;)